Decisions that Matter is a product with the goal of creating an experience that educates and inspires people towards primary intervention against sexual assault on college campuses. DTM takes the form of an interactive graphic novel, guiding the guest as a bystander through varying instances of harassment that can lead to an incident of sexual assault. DTM should leave the guest educated on the situations in which sexual assault can occur as well as feeling empowered at the difference they can make with their actions.
Play Here: http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/53-610/

Poster and Flier Design
I created graphic design for the team's promotional materials.

Concept Design
Early character and environmental concept exploration.

I created storyboards for every panel in the pre-production phase to help the team figure out the story and game-play. The storyboards were also used as an early prototype in game test sessions.

Layout and Composition
I composed all the final panels,and I managed all the art assets for the production.I designed the production pipeline, so the latest art assets automatically updated in programmers' builds.

Interactive Layout Design
There are animated panels in this interactive graphic novel. I designed those pages and their animated effects.

Background Illustrations
I drew all the backgrounds for the graphic novel.